For Privacy, please head to the privacy page. Q: What is Freedom?
A: Freedom is humanity, without freedom we are no longer human. The right to question our free will is the very essence of freedom.

Q: How do I practice freedom?
A: The non-aggression pact formed between men is suitable enough to live by.

Q: What makes freech different?
A: It is no different than any site out there. These various forms of media are all created to attract our attention. If anything, what makes Freech "different" is the fact that it is what you make of it. The reason for the sites recreation is because the internet and the world has lost its sense of freedom.

Q: What content gets deleted on Freech?
A: My job as system administrator to keep the site up. Any content the US Federal Government deems unworthy will be taken down due to lack of funds to sue the United States Federal Government, the Federal Reserve, and the United Nations for being pro-tyranny. Fastposting (spam) is allowed as long as the server hardware can handle it.

Q: Any limits on board creation?
A: Shitboarding has plagued many imageboards, however it is still free speech. User-created boards will get transferred over to a dead account after one year since the last login (to prevent weak password entire board deletion). The dead account is meant to act as an archive only, and any board on the list can be transferred back to the original account by request. The community is free to negotiate a better way to deal with shitboarding in the meantime. There is no limit to how many rules or unrules a board has. It would philosophically reasonable to keep the board free though, as it means more user output.

Q: Will you implement X feature?
A: The Front-end will be up-to-date with the latest LynxChan versions. You can find progress on Stephen Lynx's development of the engine here:

Q: I want to run a site like this one, what do?
A: Head to the source code on the front page, read the documentation, and use is the development site. Post any questions you have on any site.

Q: Why the exotic site colors?
A: Was originally going for a cyberpunk css but now it just looks goofy. The internet is starting to lack colors, so exotic but cool colors are

Q: Javascript?
A: Disabled on the site. The sites Front-end will only be pure css. The engine itself is written in NodeJS. However, a greasemonkey script would be neat to use on-top of the site (like 4chanX)

Q: Why the exotic site colors?
A: Was originally going for a cyberpunk css but now it just looks goofy. The internet is starting to lack colors, the world is lacking in color even more so. Please colorize the web.

Q: Are you taking donations?
A: Literally anyone can run this site, I am not providing anything special here. If you want to help with the server costs or server upgrades, it would be much appreciated. Ethereum Wallet Address: Whenever the first amount gets sent to that wallet, I will create a page which will openly show the costs and such by the month-to-month.

Any more questions, just e-mail me.