MANIFESTO Anonymous 04/04/2018 (Wed) 13:15:52 No. 20
Hypocrites Manifesto v1.HISTW
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” - Sun Tzu

Before you read this, know that this is my meditation as a human over the course of six months. I have experienced different states of consciousness throughout the writing of this, and the way it is laid out is not in the order that I have written it. Know that the “Abridged Manifesto” part was written before the what is above it. Why is this titled “Hypocrites Manifesto?” I chose this title because we cannot live the life of a hypocrite, we must live the life of the word of a hypocrite. The word of the hypocrite is just because it enlightens us and those around us. When someone calls you a hypocrite, they put their faith in you to live by your word, and you failed. That faith is then lost.

Rome in itself is here, Washington DC. This world we were born in is a recurrence of the events that happened in the time of Christ, however, we live in the time of revelation. Know that this is our last stand against Lucifer, and the last stand for humanity. HOPE, SPIRIT, BELIEF. Christ is the personification of hope. Humanity is losing spirit. Belief, we must believe once more in the light of God.

The world is a constant war, it is a war with only two sides: freedom, and oppression. It is a war that takes hope, and fear, and pits them together on the planet we call Earth. Our Earth, Terra, has given we, the people, the gift of a type of knowledge that animals do not have and is unique to humans: linguistics. Language plays a very large role in what makes our decisions, in how we react, our tone, our view of the world. The power of the word cannot be taken lightly, and yet it has. As of now, the power of the word has been in the hands of oppressors. Oppressors are human, they represent humanity’s followers. Followers are smart, but are swayed by the day to day, and language. Control is what oppressors seek, language is the tool they use: through media. Those whom seek freedom lack the tools, and the resources, and most importantly the time, to commit to fighting against oppressor media. The fighters against oppression are ill-equipped, the mighty power of the pen is in their hands, yet the noise that oppressors cast upon these freedom seekers are heavy, as heavy as the debt of turmoil of which oppressors give to each generation of people. Though there is reason to both sides, the ultimate side is that which basks in freedom: in search of true peace and prosperity for Tera and humanity.

Manifesto to create better lives, and the risks it takes in our “free society”…
Freedom is dead, it has collapsed. We have fallen for Lucifer tricks.
The foundations of which this country have been founded upon, it has devolved into a sick proposition of non free practices of the free market and global youth. Society as a whole is trying to enjoy the pleasures of life before its epic collapse, so the future could wonder what awful tragedy has occurred. The whole situation in the white house is darn confusin’ I say! To put it bluntly:

As of the year 2018 Gregorian calendar, the non-free market is going to collapse hard, good night economy. It is going to be extended of course, but a collapse will occur indefinitely.

Society might not care right after it happens, the government will go all out there. They will seize full control through a mighty ACT! It will seize full control of all domestic affairs. The government will not collapse, it will get stronger…
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