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MANIFESTO Anonymous 04/04/2018 (Wed) 13:15:52 [Preview] No. 20
Hypocrites Manifesto v1.HISTW
“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting” - Sun Tzu

Before you read this, know that this is my meditation as a human over the course of six months. I have experienced different states of consciousness throughout the writing of this, and the way it is laid out is not in the order that I have written it. Know that the “Abridged Manifesto” part was written before the what is above it. Why is this titled “Hypocrites Manifesto?” I chose this title because we cannot live the life of a hypocrite, we must live the life of the word of a hypocrite. The word of the hypocrite is just because it enlightens us and those around us. When someone calls you a hypocrite, they put their faith in you to live by your word, and you failed. That faith is then lost.

Rome in itself is here, Washington DC. This world we were born in is a recurrence of the events that happened in the time of Christ, however, we live in the time of revelation. Know that this is our last stand against Lucifer, and the last stand for humanity. HOPE, SPIRIT, BELIEF. Christ is the personification of hope. Humanity is losing spirit. Belief, we must believe once more in the light of God.

The world is a constant war, it is a war with only two sides: freedom, and oppression. It is a war that takes hope, and fear, and pits them together on the planet we call Earth. Our Earth, Terra, has given we, the people, the gift of a type of knowledge that animals do not have and is unique to humans: linguistics. Language plays a very large role in what makes our decisions, in how we react, our tone, our view of the world. The power of the word cannot be taken lightly, and yet it has. As of now, the power of the word has been in the hands of oppressors. Oppressors are human, they represent humanity’s followers. Followers are smart, but are swayed by the day to day, and language. Control is what oppressors seek, language is the tool they use: through media. Those whom seek freedom lack the tools, and the resources, and most importantly the time, to commit to fighting against oppressor media. The fighters against oppression are ill-equipped, the mighty power of the pen is in their hands, yet the noise that oppressors cast upon these freedom seekers are heavy, as heavy as the debt of turmoil of which oppressors give to each generation of people. Though there is reason to both sides, the ultimate side is that which basks in freedom: in search of true peace and prosperity for Tera and humanity.

Manifesto to create better lives, and the risks it takes in our “free society”…
Freedom is dead, it has collapsed. We have fallen for Lucifer tricks.
The foundations of which this country have been founded upon, it has devolved into a sick proposition of non free practices of the free market and global youth. Society as a whole is trying to enjoy the pleasures of life before its epic collapse, so the future could wonder what awful tragedy has occurred. The whole situation in the white house is darn confusin’ I say! To put it bluntly:

As of the year 2018 Gregorian calendar, the non-free market is going to collapse hard, good night economy. It is going to be extended of course, but a collapse will occur indefinitely.

Society might not care right after it happens, the government will go all out there. They will seize full control through a mighty ACT! It will seize full control of all domestic affairs. The government will not collapse, it will get stronger…

The unaccounted fraudulent federal reserve has been in act from behind since forever. They pull the strings behind what happens with that budget. These people do not know how to spend the budget because it is way too large…these same systems could be in place in a free market society.

Morality is important, but it should be known that a gruesome world exists out there. In a true free market society, private police will be accounted for, and schools of thought would be more common, a currency of ideas would flow freely. Accounted for by the good people, we can combine Free, Libre and Open Source Software (FlOSS) with Free Market technologies to create a better world. Enough with enslavement of governments around the world. Together, freely, we can innovate once regulations lessen, and debt can be paid off easily in this harmony of ideas. However, there must be certain sacrifices and investments as an effort of the people to pay off this reckless debt.

As a society...we must invest our time in understand the technologies of the Free as in Freedom Software Movement, and combine it with capitalistic ideas for the people. Innovators will spring up around the world.

There is a certain people that do not want the free market to link that. An absolutely true free environment, with do no evil concepts under a harmonious, small license. Innovation will be incredible.

Do not mistake this as “free” as the word free sells it to be, the words “free” and “Freedom” have been hijacked by the media. Free means free in thought, in meditation. Combining this, with what we actually use, and understand it, (it being smartphones, gadgets, products of chaos, brainwashing through thought and absolute anti-freedom. These anti-free devices are not harmonious with nature, they will cause us ruin if not used in meditative thought. But we cannot do this unless the software is absolutely free of evil that lies with the plagues “proprietary.” We are being brainwashed into a collapse, the reason people are turning communist is to quell the effect and plague our society with unsolicited thoughts of the hijacked word “freedom.”

We must save the free world. We must be allowed to experiment, and experience, free of the chaos we call “society.” We are but cattle for fodder, enslaved to debt, kicked, and kicked around like it’s nothing. Inflation? That’s normal (hahahahahahah). This is absolutely not true. Our debt, we are destroying our youth, reckless, chaotic. We must meditate, we need to bring back the dueling system for example, through FLOSS fighting video games to quell rebellions, and see the actual destruction simulated. I propose as an effort for society, to learn a programming language that suits their purposes, but also their feel. We are being forced as a society to not learn of such things because of such rapid proprietary development (which enthusiasts some, but not most in the collective.)


In relation to the word of God:
We are born into a sinful world. We are born into sin, because we have sinned in the past. The eastern philosophy of reincarnation is correct, and it is our responsibility, our purpose, to stand up against evil. To live a life free of evil, but to also work against evil. And evil in itself is hate, and sin is harm to others. We cannot hate, we must not harm, we must revolt. In an ironic fashion, blood breeds blood, hate breeds more hate. We must give no heed to those who fall for Lucifer’s lies, and instead educate them of the glory of God, and freedom. Lucifer lives in proprietary software, Lucifer is the beating heart of the Federal Reserve, Lucifer has tailored himself to our desires. The BEAST system is upon us, Lucifer wants to take away our freedom. God is painted in the darkness, in evil by the media. He is anything but what we have been taught by mass media and entities of the devil and Hollywood. God is righteous, God is fighting for us in the background but it is we, humanity, that must absolve ourselves of sin. DO NOT FALL FOR THE LIES OF LUCIFER, HE WANTS TO TAKE AWAY OUR FREEDOM TO LIVE IN THE WORLD GOD HAS CREATED.
The light of God can be found from a computer monitor and an internet connection, and Lucifer’s lies the same way. It is up to us, the people, to restore freedom.

What is happening right now?

Our population is actively being feminized, what makes men men is being taken away by society itself. This is a great sin, to change man. Man is not to be changed, man is created in God’s vision. The reason why God has created man is unknown to anyone on Earth, but perhaps, God created man to learn more of himself and his omnipotence. God pushes his own ideals into this world he created. This is just a guess, however. Guessing aside, the signs of the revelation are coming true. And for good reason: Lucifer has deceived mankind.

Lucifer hates humanity, this is why he is actively trying to change it. Lucifer has taken over all our kingdoms through the United Nations, and he controls this nation under God’s eyes to mock him in this rebellion against man. Do not fall for Lucifer, he is the enemy of humanity and freedom.

Agenda 21 is the end of freedom. 5G technologies will make this world a living hell. Satan himself is changing and modifying the genetic code of organisms that God has created, for the purpose of evil. God has given us these powers in this world that he has created to not be used for evil, and yet it is being used for a great evil.

Spread the word of God, and we must take up arms for God and humanity, because this is our chance to prove to God that Lucifer will never win. We will never give into total desire, and instead we can choose to live in a true free market in the kingdoms of man in this free world God has given us with the free will that God has gifted us.

Our leaders, and most spiritual leaders, seek to only control the masses. These people have fallen for the lies of Lucifer.

Money is a tool of freedom, however we have been deceived by Satan. We have been tricked into worshiping money, and money right now as we have it is debt. Debt is the lie of Lucifer, Christ himself got angry (he is Christ, he never gets angry) when he saw these debts and banks. He flipped over the table which was the bank, and taught us this lesson. Debt is a means to control, and the ancient power of debt is being used by Satan himself to take away our freedom.

According to God, “darkness is unfruitful.” We are living in the darkest age for humanity. Perfection comes from the seed of the tree it came from. Fruitful, fruit grows from light. Remember that. That light can be found within God.

All war is based on deception, and this war that humanity is fighting is not with big sticks but it is being fought mind versus mind, our spirit is being incredibly weakened. Through God, and living by the teachings of Christ, can we the people stand up against the devil himself Lucifer. Call out Lucifer and he shall flee.

Life, and this world, is all about balance. The ancient yin-yang. We can enjoy life, and the pleasures of life and this world because they were created by God, but we must be aware by the everlasting lurking of Lucifer intertwining himself with pleasure. This world was created to test us, to see if we can successfully balance humanity.

And quite simply, do good and you shall receive. The lord truly does work in mysterious ways. You will be labeled and slandered in this current world, but if you are a man of God and a man that lives as Christ has lived, if you fight for humanity against Satan and his agents, we can make this Earth that God has created a better place for humanity and all living beings on Earth. The Kingdoms of Earth are easily taken over by the silver tongue of Satan, even the Animal Kingdoms. We must pledge loyalty not to a nation, or any nation, but to God and his will to make this world a better place.

God is to be discovered by each and every person on Earth, his light shines upon all even when you think there is no God. God’s light shines on all.

The revelation does not have to be so if we, humanity, reject Satan entirely. Let us reject Satan and fight against him.

Abridged Manifesto:

“I can’t take it anymore” is a phrase I have been repeating in my despair. After many, many months of meditating in my bed, I have figured it out. Our nation is under attack by a force of oppression. It has shifted to the will of the people. Freedom, capitalism, these do not exist in this experimental country, the foundation of it.

The Ideal Free world:
“The young have no voice,” this sentence rings through my mind day after day. Our voice is meaningless. No money, no power, age limits. It is as though we are invisible in terms of changing society. Those whom have a say are always the older men and women. This age gap between voices have conceded a world that cannot be changed at all. Dependency is the trait that all share.

All people are businessmen, all people offer certain skills. Thriving is dependent on whether or not a person finds that right skill. The skill itself should be discovered through growth as a kid, experiences outside of the written word. The basis of any economy is the skill of its people. That being said, the system that would benefit humanity in this regard is freedom.
Freedom, in itself, is the foundation of man. Man is free to do whatever he pleases. The catch? Work together. Different people do different things, we are all wired differently to become efficient as a civilization, each to their own mind and practice. Creating a free society of free thought is the optimal route towards this type of paradise.
Freedom is defined this way: do no harm unto others, and others shall not do harm to you. This is also known as the non-aggression pact. This implores that good business practices, a business only wants to attract customers after all. This definition of freedom also allows a person bear arms in self defense, or hire police protection. Townships will be able to hire a local police force, based on their own town laws, paid for by the town itself or another entity (perhaps a coalition of police forces that maintain different guidelines and see what works out), and since these police forces would be privatized, they will look for the best methods to serve and protect, to keep business running in the town.
Hospitals will be able to train people to do certain aspects of medical practice to accept more patients. The only reason why this is currently not possible is that the only way this is possible is training through a university. A certificate is required to practice. If hospitals become of the people, for the people, funded by communities, organizations, competing insurance companies, doctors will be able to uphold their oath (to a patients wallet).
Roads are required, everyone will pay for roads. The free market will want to create roads to lead people to their businesses, and communities will be in charge of mapping them out, receiving funds, and improving them (through contractors). People will support business and other people that build up the roads, racking in more business.
An armed whom know no fear, people with a militia at arms has nothing be worried about. No country would dare think of invading a hostile popula

Anonymous 04/04/2018 (Wed) 13:16:34 [Preview] No. 21
hostile populace, one that merely wishes to do business.
If there is any form of central government, that said government would only be in charge of foreign policy. Democratically voted, this council of great men and thinkers will try to obtain the most prosperous outcomes for peoples living in the Americas. These men will be on the forefront of diplomacy, keeping the peace, and spreading the word that wars are fought with competing economies, and not

How not to run a country (my rant about USA, (I love this country, but I cannot see it weaken like this)):
First and foremost most of this is what people already know. Second, remember the the constitution is writing on paper, not stone.
The world as we know it will collapse, and I do not have much time to explain it in detail. What we are experiencing is the downfall of US civilization. This was to be expected, noting Sir Glubb’s study on civilization lifespans. The US civilization is consists of two entities: The Federal Reserve and The Federal Government. These two organizations work hand in hand, even though they are entirely independent. As to how? One deals with financial institutions (and pretty much the world economy), while the other does the dirty work (alphabet agencies, politicians, etc).
Why is it that there will be a massive inflation and total economic collapse? What do these organizations have to do with it? Why now?
There is no trust in our current market, our current government, our current societal structure. We are all certain that a crisis is imminent. This is a war fought by smart men against the people. These smart people are called silver tongue-wielding politicians, they are imprisoned in their positions as party “members”. Lapdogs are what they truly are. Not only do these men and women lie through their teeth, they also impose policies (passed as “bills”) that go against everything the Bill of Rights stands for. These are the best men for their jobs, lie to the American people. Business is not about lying, business is truth through agreement. American business is no longer business, as they treat the American people unjustly. More than just “treat,” they are now imposing two bills which will take away our gun rights.

Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA, S. 1693)

President’s Oath:
“Before he enter on the Execution of his Office, he shall take the following Oath or Affirmation:—"I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

All government workers recite something similar to this oath, something pops out in both of them though:
“to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States”
The US government, and the predecessors of all those in office, have failed to recognize their utmost betrayal of the US constitution, and the American people. The world is also let down by the great American experiment, as some major economies have invested a substantial amount (their entire savings actually, IMF, World Bank, UN, etc). These assets these countries have are stored in value, value in debt. The same kind of debt that burdens the US economy, the same debt that average folk everywhere pay off as fast as they can. These debts are all the same, however it is composed of one grandiose scam. America, and the world has been scammed.
Let’s take a moment to know what debt represents. Debt is simply taking from the future, and putting it towards the present. Well, where does our future get the money to pay back our present? It is trust. Trust that the economy and the market will grow, trust that there will always be a job to do, or more of one type of job to do. When a student graduates from school with debt weighing down the students financial life, it must be paid off with that degree through a job. Easy, right? Where are the jobs though? Where is the workforce? And why are students going to be unemployed increasingly in the future? It is simple: education is monopolized. Education is not flexible at all, there is no flexibility whatsoever. The relationship between student and faculty is totalitarian. Students are taught that grades reflect how life will play out. Fail to do any work? Too bad, should have tried harder and worked smarter. Working smarter is withdrawing from this archaic system. The world has the resources to tailor the education of each and every student, and yet the education system is stuck twiddling their thumbs.
Meanwhile, education is not receiving the funding they deserve from taxpayer money, it is all going towards self defense. Do taxpayers care? Not enough to rally, not enough to stop paying taxes. Not enough to write letters to congress or their state representatives. The way the federal education system appeases is by turning to interactive technology “Glue these kids to screens, do not let them think outside of this “learning” environment.” As for the news in a school environment? XXX dead in Y. Class does not do politics though. Deliverance is key to the media and politicians. Proof of this at work is our discussion on “gun control,” in an optimal and healthy environment any form of gun control should be thrown out the window. And yet, this younger generation rallies the US Federal Government to take away their firearms. These kids are call for the second amendment, to be rubbed out. First amendment, the US government will protect us (these kids say as SESTA gets passed under the table).
Desensitization is the keystone of American media, and it influences the youth in unimaginable ways. Apathy, distrust, threats, all traits of people in a collapsing economy. It is not a people problem, it is a sickness in the economy (regulations). It is a sickness of the mind as well, there is guilt in being an American. There is constant guilt that if a citizen does not follow the path everyone else does, the citizen is liable to being labeled a criminal. Does the citizen not pay taxes because the taxpayer disagrees with government policies? Let us call the police and the IRS to break down the traitors door and charge the taxpayer a hefty fee. Legalized highway robbery. There is also a constant reminder of slavery in media, blaming “white people” for all the woes of the world. To those people I say look at yourselves, and look at them: no one around here is from that time period, if you slave your mind towards the past, backwards would be the only direction going. This is why MENA countries are all a mess, they stick to the past instead of embracing the future, thus their downfall. If my predictions are correct, the gulf countries will be the first to fall from grace. Their economies are not diversified due to regulations, the high percentages of migrant workers, and the lack of a flexible education system (although they have the resources to create and research any optimal education system).
Of course, too much embracing of the future leads to ignorance of laws passed. As of now, free speech online is going to be dead soon. Moderation is what users of websites want, not freedom. This reflects the worlds current outlook on government as well. Instead of being free to censor your own content through your own means, they are dependent on unknown persons with unknown agendas to do it for them. Browse any modern website and read through the rules: you are forced to act a certain way, This spike in website moderation is only due to the fact that there are too many new internet users coming in at once, government sees opportunity, they take it.
“Free data, we have the power to harvest it all? Why not!” The government says. Exabytes, more than one. One equaling more than one million terabytes, these numbers are incomprehensible by the mind at all, these numbers are ridiculous. This is tax payer money going to these facilities. These data centers record all unencrypted data Americans and the world passes through the internet, a file is made on every US citizen. Phone records, text messages, http://, ftp://, any protocol that is not encrypted is being recorded. Proprietary receivers are in every single phone, you might know them as GSM and the likes. This means that there is code that is able to be executed without anyone's knowledge. These devices are not improved upon or protected, or have any interest in protecting the user of the phone. These things we carry around, they are somewhat useful spying devices, but they are currently and slowly becoming devices we cannot survive without. All while proprietary code is running things in the background that the people have no clue about. What conversations the phone detects and records, GPS coordinates it sends out to towers, whether the keystrokes on the phones are recorded. We do not know any of this. Encryption is not enough if the hardware itself is backdoored.
The revolution, the will, to fight against injustices is almost non-existent. People are too occupied with their own lives to care. Or simply put, they do not want to intervene. People, it is our duty to intervene when things have gotten this bad. The bill of rights is but a skeleton with stars after each word at this point.
Amendment I – The federal government has the right to silence any individual through gag order, SESTA threatens free speech on internet services calling for censorship, and any US citizen is not allowed to protest in certain areas of federal property (see DC, Federal Reserve grounds…)

Amendment II – If a US citizen is deemed “mentally ill,” the citizen will lost the right (not privilege, right) to a firearm. Ages are imposed on firearm buyers, and soon be increased to 21. A free citizen of the United States of America will be able to die for the federal government before being able to drink, to purchase a firearm in the citizens birthplace, before this magical age of 21.

Amendment IV – A search warrant and subpoena is easily obtained by any cop for any reason, and they may search your property without your consent. Trying to defend your property from these snoopers? Automatically makes you guilty, a traitor, a criminal. Probable cause means nothing anymore, and the state has the right to charge the US citizen for anything. These government enforcers are also able to deceive the victim into admitting guilt where there was none. It is absolutely legal, if the citizen is defensive or tries to do the same, “anything you (the citizen) say or do will be used against you in the court of law.” Is this justice? Implementing a sentence that allows any kind of misconduct, effectively silencing the other party.

Amendment V – Evidence stacks up, innocent or guilty, it is all dependent on a lawyer. The length of the sentence, or the length of the trial, is solely dependent on the two lawyers playing basketball wordsmith edition in the court. Any side runs out of money? Case closed. Justice is nowhere to be seen.

Amendment VIII – Excessive bail and sentences are normal now.
Amendment IX – barely used to protect the rights of the people, because it is the government that is in charge of a monopolized court system
Amendment X – States rights and laws are repeatedly trampled upon by the US federal government, the federal government and states are now one in the same (lazy politicians combining the two, thus killing our freedoms)

Enough of that though. Here are my predictions for the future:
1. The economy will definitely collapse within the next four years. It will be worse than any other collapse in history
2. Riots will ensue, the fight for “social justice” will continue, meanwhile the rights of all men and women are being taken away under the table. No one will care, and will all be warped in their own worlds until the entire world collapses or becomes dystopian.
3. If the economy does not collapse at all, it will be due to shady negotiations going on behind closed doors in discrete places. The US dollar is “too big to fail.”
4. On the flip side, it will be the peoples choice to choose between the dollar and any alternative. If they do not, and continue using the US dollar. The cycle of inflation will keep looping until hyperinflation is reached (interest rates on higher amounts means higher yields, the same thing happens with debt)
5. Silver, gold, cryptocurrency, will all skyrocket. Precious metals are relatively cheap in terms fiat, and crypto is growing (with better alternatives to bitcoin). Crypto has dynamic uses for the online market, and is much easier to utilize as a currency than the US dollar or derivatives through banks. It is also decentralized, like silver and gold.
6. People relations, will continue to sour. This is due to media, hate, and blame being thrown around to certain people and certain peoples. This is due to the current health of the economy.
7. US government will continue to expand despite deregulation attempts by the party. Of course, in this complete chaos, it is bills like SESTA that are able to slip under the table.
8. Trump, passing tariffs, will cause a trade war in an already volatile economy, thus causing collapse. Trump knows better, and it is up to the people to find out why he is doing this. Could it be the silver tongues of DC? Or something much deeper.

The prediction I do not want to happen:
The media and world government will cover anything major by any means necessary. We will continue living in this fake economy created by fake people. The media will continue to push its own agenda of demoralizing the people through falsities, hate will sprawl through every corner of the earth through social media. Toxicity will continue to rise as more phones are distributed everywhere. Censorship through social media will make the masses forever being incumbent. Anyone attempting to revolt will not be able to, will be labeled a terrorist of some sort, and get wiped off the face of the Earth. Erased.

I myself wonder what America will choose to do. Die a failed socialist state, or thrive by placing more trust into the free market and themselves. America was founded on the principles of freedom, not of oppression.

Anonymous 04/04/2018 (Wed) 13:19:33 [Preview] No. 23
This manifesto is under the GPLv2 license. Please spread it, change it, and most importantly, use it for good. If a discourse does not begin now, then when?

Anonymous 04/06/2018 (Fri) 02:53:39 [Preview] No. 28
good work tbh fam

Anonymous 04/06/2018 (Fri) 03:09:22 [Preview] No. 29
Cowtist r u here?

Anonymous 04/06/2018 (Fri) 04:10:30 [Preview] No. 30
im cowtits

cowtist 04/06/2018 (Fri) 06:28:53 [Preview] No. 31
right here

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