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Anonymous 04/07/2018 (Sat) 20:34:18 [Preview] No. 42
/killcen/ is a gullible conspiratard who obsessively reposts blog-quality ramblings and conspiracy theories from "alternative media" sources and gets into shit-flinging contests with his betters. He's been BTFO a number of times on this board for making ridiculous claims, and instead of just admitting when he's wrong, he spergs out, threatens to leave or post exclusively as user, then after a break of a few days comes back namefagging and posting the same debunked conspiracy theories all over again.

He has a distinctive writing style, as he tends to make the same grammatical errors over and over and tends to obsess over a few themes repeatedly. One, for example, was the idea that Obama was giving U.S. land and mineral resources to the Chinese government as "collateral" for U.S. debt they've already purchased. After being humiliated about that several times, he stopped harping on that, but he has a few themes he keeps returning to.

If that were all, he'd just be another run-of-the-mill dumbass, but what makes him special are his delusions and his almost total lack of understanding of how chans work.

He "archives" terabytes of irrelevant garbage on free filehosters and posts links over on his board /killcen/, which he administers, and /realnews/, which he also administers but pretends is administered by someone else. He believes that this information is going to be censored (killcen = kill censorship), or is being censored, and that he is some kind of hero, engaging in what he likes to call Operation KILLCEN.

He also refuses to use a tripcode, but got anally devastated when people started using his name and he whined quite a bit about people destroying his "reputation" here. He believed at one point that he was being harassed by a troll named "sage", because this "troll" was putting "sage" in the email field :) He believes now that he has been targeted by government disinfo agents who are trying to discredit him.

He's still posting on /n/, but not as much as he used to, when the front page was awash with his paranoid screaming. I think he's spending more time over on /realnews/ because over there, when he gets challenged on the facts or asked to provide a real source for his claims, he just removes the "offending" posts. Ironic for someone who claims to be killing censorship, but I think a sense of irony is a little too subtle for him. Anyway, go check out his boards if you want a chuckle and a glimpse of madness.

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