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Jayne Chobot Herring: false rape accuser, family destroyer jayne herring 04/16/2018 (Mon) 06:30:28 [Preview] No. 60
ORIGINAL STORY: http://4-ch.net/iaa/kareha.pl/1448430597
BACKUP LINK: http://swfchan.org/8316/?34247

Jayne Marie Herring, Jayne Herring, Jayne Chobot Herring
5343 Ellsworth Avenue
Dallas, TX 75206
(469) 776-8932
Cell: (917) 757-9075

Birthdate: July 7th, 1979

Dallas Housing Development: 5300 Glencoe Park
Dallas Neighborhood: Lower Greenville (a.k.a. M Streets)
Mother’s maiden name: Negley
Current school: Southern Methodist University (“international studies”)
Hometown (birthplace?): Reading, PA

Twitter: http://twitter.com/JaynieMarie
Instagram: http://instagram.com/seejaynego
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JaynieMarie7

**UPDATED: http://www.facebook.com/JaynesVoice

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/jayneherring
About Me: http://about.me/Jayne
Google Plus: http://plus.google.com/+JayneChobotHerring

Previous emails:
dagnyny4@hotmail.com (also previous screenname dagnyny4)

Primary updates revolve around her ex-husband’s death (largely fueled by her psychological torture and financial threats), and her new efforts to terrorize people in her new neighborhood, although her extramarital affairs do continue.

Jayne Herring’s plans to be rid of her ex and replace him with her rich second husband were known to her own estranged family, as she was bold enough to tell her grandfather years ago that her second husband would eventually adopt her older daughter, meaning she planned on either bullying her ex into suicide or bankrupting him into giving up legal custody.

Considering the fact that Jayne’s living siblings report that the entire family was in therapy when she and her three younger siblings were kids because she ticked almost all of the boxes on the Hare Psychopathy Checklist from childhood, they took her seriously.

The Chobot family’s falling out with her is detailed in the original post, but the short version is that Jayne’s dying youngest brother didn’t want to see her on his deathbed, and she used this as an excuse to cut off her family entirely, lest her new wealthy circle discover that her family aren’t actually the abusive monsters she pretends they are in order to claim PTSD and get sympathy from everyone. She recently co-chaired the organizing committee for her high school reunion and went around taking great delight in telling everyone, “We ex-communicated them.”

After YEARS of Jayne’s repeated threats to bankrupt her ex financially and severely limit his time with his daughter (detailed in the original post), he died of a heroin overdose last year despite having been clean for 16 years before that. She wins the PR war because of the stigma attached to his old addiction, even though he hadn’t used in close to two decades at the time of his death.

She called his death a blessing on Facebook, and said that despite his lifelong mental illness (much of which resulted from a brain tumor), it was his own fault. https://endchan.xyz/.media/cf0e2208971d85596ad40da092c897ca-imagejpeg.jpg

Jayne has since publicly posted the claim that she “left an abusive situation with a baby,” despite the fact that there is time-stamped evidence on both her ex’s old blog and Facebook page that he was the one who left with the baby, and that he and his mother were her primary caregivers for the first year of her life (her second daughter was similarly turned over to be raised by nannies the minute she turned six weeks old, despite the fact that Jayne had no full-time work and was not taking any classes at the time because she had married a very rich man).

Jayne’s ex left and took their baby with him after years of her infidelity because finally, one night, Jayne came home so intoxicated and high on coke that she tried to get into the wrong apartment and the neighbors had to help her home. He was the abused party in that marriage, and as further evidence of his pattern of abusive relationships, he has a self-published memoir detailing that his previous wife was abusive to him as well.

Jayne continued to demand back support from her ex because she was the on-paper custodial parent despite not seeing her daughter for months at a time, and always having had access to more funds than he did, either through employment or sugar daddies. Sometimes these ran together, as her work as an executive liaison for the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) led her to meet and go home with many a rich attorney or real estate heir, once actually losing her wedding rings and quickly replacing them herself before her husband found out. Her co-workers, many of whom liked her husband, were mortified. She eventually married one of the sugar daddies:

Myron Garfield “Gar” Herring III
The MGHerring Group
5710 LBJ Freeway Suite 450
Dallas, Texas 75240
(972) 448-0200

Jayne also often wins the PR war because her latest “Dallas charity circuit” move has had to do with mental illness and suicide prevention, proclaiming herself brave for going public with her own struggles with mental illness (though leaving out the severe anorexia that has clearly ravaged her body and likely caused three miscarriages) despite the fact that her ex-husband’s same struggles were apparently unforgivable.

Fashion Stars for a Cause 2018: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RRgszwvCGGw#t=3m41s

Her posthumous sliming of his reputation because he self-medicated is even more hypocritical when you know that she has admitted to taking as many as three Xanax a day for an extended period of time, which is WAY THE FUCK MORE than any responsible doctor would recommend, and a quick scan of her social media is all it would take to see that she’s regularly washing them down with lots of wine, as if that’s never killed the American housewife. https://www.facebook.com/JaynieMarie7/posts/10159972416665433

Take it from me: this happens in Beverly Hills, in Manhattan, in Telluride, in Sun Valley, in Palm Beach County, in Dallas - rich people can find a psychiatrist who is basically running a pill mill and get whatever meds they want. Consistent double standard.

I’m not the same guy who posted the original message about her that was floating around a few years ago before she had her second daughter, but I do know that at one point (definitely after she was remarried) she was fucking Lee Trull, a playwright/producer associated with the Dallas Theater Center who eventually got fired from everything for rubbing his cock on all the actresses.

She knew, but it’s obviously not uncommon to cover up for somebody when you both have dirt on each other - she probably told him that cock-and-bull story she made up about having been raped at Disney World when she was in college, and he probably knows it isn’t true because he Googled her. She’s not stupid and she did some Facebook damage control after he got caught: https://www.facebook.com/JaynieMarie7/posts/10159606857475433

Other than fucking around with married men as usual - during her first marriage, she almost ruined her reputation in New York by sleeping with the husband of a powerful female Versace executive who did her the favor of keeping it quiet, particularly because they had sex in front of his (hopefully) sleeping child - she has now decided to declare herself the moral arbiter of all of the mothers of the children who attend her child’s elementary school.

This school got caught up in the national trend of changing the names of institutions that honored Confederate soldiers, and while this by itself would be innocent enough, she started fighting with the other mothers who ALSO AGREED WITH THE NAME CHANGE, calling them racist for not parroting her exact reasoning and for attempting to kindly debate with her over what the new name should be. She did this despite being new to the community, attacking mothers who had previously sat on the PTA and organized fundraisers for the school.

Jayne was extremely condescending to these women and offered to make time to tutor them because at the time she had taken a couple of history classes at a crappy community college in Dallas (Richland College). They were much kinder about it than they should have been.

Since she’s supposedly a full-time student at Southern Methodist University these days, FINALLY trying to finish a Bachelor’s degree (and likely fucking all of the professors) you can likely find her on campus some time if you live in Dallas.

Enjoy, gents. She’s a succubus. And remember, she’s had sex in front of at least one child.





jayne herring additional files jayne herring 04/19/2018 (Thu) 06:12:34 [Preview] No. 62
Multiple notes were left on Jayne Herring's ex-husband's blog by her ICSC co-workers, usually under initials, expressing sympathy and noting that she was continuing to sleep around while dating and becoming engaged to Gar.




Anonymous 04/20/2018 (Fri) 15:08:27 [Preview] No. 69

Anonymous 04/20/2018 (Fri) 22:13:27 [Preview] No. 70

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