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How we have been decieved bloggo 04/06/2018 (Fri) 02:27:58 Id: 410d99 [Preview] No. 6
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Lucifer has created the greatest lie ever. Freemasonry was here at the start, and this cult that worships the phallic is mocking life.
Washington DC is a holy place created exactly to enact the revelation. The freemasons follow the teachings of the bible, BUT NOT THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS. They know the powers of man, and God, and yet these men known as freemasons have made a pact with Lucifer. Know this, these freemasons and the armies of Satan shall not win.
Right now, we are experiencing the greatest offensive attack against the human mind and spirit. Atheism dominates society and children because they have been blinded the seven deadly sins. This is a slow killing against the soul.
Lust: The statue of Liberty is quite literally the statue of the ancient whore, the Godess of fertility, the whore of Babylon. She has been erected in mystery Babylon (United States of America) to force the people to lust.
Gluttony: eating fast-food, obesity is at 33% in the United States. Not only is it less expensive to buy fast-food in the United States, but it is also all mostly meat. You know what happens when we are starved of our food supply? Cannibals.
Greed: we worship false money, a centralized currency backed by debt. This false money that controls the world, the lowest denominator of the paper currency has on the back of it the symbol of the occult, right in front of us. The Freemasons are openly mocking humanity in the name of Lucifer. We have been brainwashed into thinking that going into what they have created to be "education" will lead us to getting a job. Greed has blinded our souls, and it is not a job we must seek, but spirituality through meditation and to live as Christ. We are born into this world as lost souls being tested to seek out God. Money is a tool on earth, and money is not meant to be worshiped.
Sloth: the world is slothful living in a dream-like state perpetuated by the freemasons, even further with the use of mobile telephones. A massive depopulation effort is underway, and the people stay quiet not because they choose to stay quiet, but because we have been fed for slaughter. We are slothful and need to wake up
Wrath: freemasons are playing God in this world the almighty has created, they wish to bring their wrath upon humanity by speeding up the revelation for their dark lord. This is a world stage, the endgame, as foretold by the bible.
Envy: The world remains envious of "celebrities," and rich men and women.
Pride: GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG GUCCI GANG. Nationality, religion, (I am a PROUD jew, I am a PROUD christian, I am a PROUD muslim, I am a PROUD (American, Italian, Israeli...), I am a PROUD (White, Black, Asian, Arab...). Pride is a big part of the cultures of the world because it has been forced by the freemasons.

Do not fall for the deception of the false christ. The body of the false christ has already been created at the beginning of this month, Mt Hermon (this very holy mountain is literally in control of the UN, a front for the anti christ). 9/11 was but a ritual to start the events of the revelation. Repent your sins before judgement, and do your best to live as Christ. Find that rebirth of the soul, and seek out Christ.


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