/fam/ - Freepost
/intb/ - International Buffalo Paizuri
/txt/ - Textboard
/into/ - /into/ - International Modless S
/intg3/ - International Goon Saloon
>>/fam/53300 >>53299 I'm not sure if I can have subdomains with i2p tbh
>>/fam/53299 >>53298 worked for Tor not so much i2p
>>/fam/53298 >>53296 http://static.gr5gzhk5hurwetdr.onion/reports I just had to tweak the nginx config a bit, it should work now
>>/fam/53297 >>53296 okay fambam
>>/fam/53296 holyshit you actually baited that phaggot >>53295 oyynigger make your canary accessible via the hidden services im tried of yo
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