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40.928086, -76.533648
God please forgive me. I will be unable to go to a church for quite some time.

>> No.31832  

are those your house's GPS coordinates?

>> No.31833  

Sinner. You will not be allowed to enter heaven.
t. God

>> No.31837  

Just read the bible

>> No.31838  

who'd you bury there m8?

>> No.31842  

If you back and rape the corpse I will forgive you of your sins.
t. God

>> No.31843  

I will not. The poor girl has been through enough.

>> No.31844  

I will be the one who decides that.
t. God

>> No.31847  

No, you're not.
t. Batman

>> No.31848  

You are not a bat, you are merely a moth.
t. God

>> No.31851  

still worshipping a dead kike on a stick

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