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File: 1565532424148.png -(13307 B, 582x224) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
13307 No.31865  
>spamming the truth

Who saw that one coming?
Good luck sliding this.

>> No.31866  
File: 1565532436711.png -(9807 B, 969x117) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.31868  
File: 1565532487979.png -(26393 B, 1194x282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.31869  


>> No.31870  

You won't be able to slide away every post that calls you out once I'm in power. Enjoy it while it lasts, it won't be for much longer.

LibreLand shills and Discucks have enjoyed free reign for too long. Inaction has killed us. I am here to revive Freech.

>> No.31871  

I will not remove freedom, but I will remove the stranglehold that foreign entities hold on Freech. They destroy all of our content and prevent discussion, then claim that is our philosophy.

It is necessary, for the time being, to impose restrictions on these posters. If this continues, Freech will always be a shadow of it's former self.

>> No.31872  


>> No.31873  
>squeak squeak
>> No.31874  

I was naive to think that absolute freedom could possibly work.

NPC tier responses. You can spot the dissenters easily like this.

>> No.31875  

the satanic shill has been ignored

>> No.31876  

They lack the ability to even have a conversation. All they can do are post NPC responses. They are our equivalent to redditors.

To all my fellow humans still out there: this is why we must act. They aren't like us, they aren't people.

>> No.31877  
File: 1565535564139.jpg -(52758 B, 421x466) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.31878  
File: 1565536825176.png -(362396 B, 660x371) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

back to the cheese caves rodent

>> No.31879  

rodent moment

>> No.31880  

I'm ashamed to be guilty of all the offenses OP has accused us of. Forgive me for any damage I've done. I'm retiring this identity.

>> No.31882  

OP stop starting threads about saving the herd and then abandoning them. IM HERE TO HELP. Lets do this!

>> No.31883  

This is my first thread. I've been idly watching for quite some time now under the impression that the problem would solve itself.
The first step is to ask Oyyboy to step down as owner, which I have done.

>> No.31884  

hah well youre going to have to do more to gain peoples trust than start and abandon threads without any substance. You sound like a power hungry idiot rn tbb.

>> No.31885  


>hah well youre going to have to do more to gain peoples trust than start and abandon threads without any substance

I haven't abandoned anything.

>You sound like a power hungry idiot rn tbb

If I were power hungry I would go elsewhere. Freech is not the place for power.
My immediate plans if I become owner are:

  • Move the site back to LynxChan
  • Create more board options to ease damage caused by NPC spam
  • Further assess the issue and determine a better long term solution to the problem

The two biggest problems facing the site currently will be solved. That being the software and the lifetime of non-captcha posts.

>> No.31886  

OK GOT IT. Oyy needs to go.

>> No.31887  

runit ignore

>> No.31888  


>buggy software created by a literal homosexual


>> No.31889  

>>31888 (checked)
I'm open to suggestions, but as it stands our current software is worse than anything on the market. I'm not big into web development, but I believe not every issue can be fixed due to the way the website is designed.

I can look into keeping kareha and wakaba and just adding features onto them. I already have flags worked out.

I have never in my life been sexually stimulated by a dog.

>> No.31890  

And in the event of keeping kareha and wakaba I would change the layouts, css, and implement more javascript for a more convient user experience. Similar to that of Penumbra LynxChan.

>> No.31891  

Blue Moon will be made the default theme of nu-Freech.

>> No.31892  

The second Oyyboy gives me access to the server I will immediately begin work on bringing nu-Freech to life. Fueled by my endless supply of adderall, I will not stop until the job is done.

>> No.31893  
>ban identity posting

would be nice, but thats rulecucked.

>> No.31894  

Don't worry. I'm just acting like every politcian and saying radical things during my campaign to attract attention.
I only wish to remove the ability for identitytards to lock down the entire site with spam, and improve the site in general.

I think the site should have more than one board that isn't wiped every hour. There should still be a completely unprotected board, but I'll add a board with limits and no captcha in place so it doesn't get slid, and posting is still convient.

>> No.31895  

captcha: wiping

>> No.31896  


>> No.31901  

What is even the point of this site without spam?

>> No.31903  


>> No.31918  
File: 1566000671137.png -(2318923 B, 1900x1176) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

but spam is freeze peach you fucking homosexual

>> No.31927  

Spam is NOT free speech. Anyone who is trying to convince you of that is probably a nigger.

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